Council Meeting Agenda 2009-06-19

Topics to be discussed during the Council Meeting for June 19th, 2009.

Location: #foresight-council
Time: 13:00 UTC


  1. Announcements
  2. Last meeting overview
  3. Proposed topics
  4. Proposed members/developers
  5. Next Week’s Agenda


  • New hostmaks (cloaks) have been created for all new members and developers. OgMaciel
  • Paul and I had a nice chat yesterday via Skype and have agreed on several topics related to how to organize and steer the community. More to come. OgMaciel

Last meeting overview:

  • New members and developers elected:
    • Developer: eMBee, jesse, smerp
    • Member: ermo
  • Council changes:
    • Og Maciel was elected as the new Community Manager
    • Paul Cutler will remain as a member of the Council and work with Og Maciel for a smoother transition and knowledge transfer
    • Mark T has been elected as a member of the Council, bringing the total of members to 5
  • The Council voted for moving the static website to the WP instance that Og Maciel set up, noting that we need something sooner rather than later, and as his theme looks good and that it will be simple to get going. Ken added that WP is on an upward trend, and that historically i18n has not been a forte of Foresight and hence not a requirement.
  • Pending from last week:
    • Foresight 2.1.x or 3.0?
    • Who do you talk to about getting issues on the council agenda?
    • Promoting packages – is using JIRA to notify Ken of packages ready for promotion a bottleneck?
    • Tune JIRA workflow (sprint?)
    • How do we organize Bug days/sprints/focus?
    • Feature freeze – no new pkgs until the current ones are sane?
    • Freshen up the infrastructure? (ermo is currently driving this)
    • Close old and obsolete bugs! (sprint?)
    • How do we instrument the development process?
    • Create teams w/reduncancy?

Proposed topics:

  • [Enter your topic here]:
    • [Enter your brief description here] By [Enter your name here]
  • Promote WP site to official site location
    • Right now the word Press site and design are housed in a special VM that doniphon gave us. I’d like to propose that we immediately move the WP system to the same server where www.ForesightLinux.org is housed. I feel that when the WP system is up and running, we will be able to get more authors and editors to populate it and get it up to date. By OgMaciel
  • Need to update Confluence
    • ermo mentioned that gxti is in charge of updating our current Confluence system. I’d like to understand the reasoning behind this update. By OgMaciel
  • FITS system accounts and organization
    • Paul Cutler just made me an admin of our FITS system. I’d like to discuss how we want to handle the administration and organization of accounts and groups. For instance, during bug triage, who can effectively close an issue as representing the QA branch? By OgMaciel
  • Derive our Identity
    • This all started with my email to the list asking people to state what they thought about “who we are”. I feel that it is very important to determine who we are first and differentiate it from the other question, which is: “Who do we want to be?” The objective is to establish our identity and make it very clear to anyone who decides to join our community, as well as establish a base for future marketing campaigns. By OgMaciel
  • Who manages access to infrastructure?
    • How does a member/developer gain the trust necessary to be allowed access to infrastructure? By ermo

Proposed members/developers:

  • [Enter your name here]:
    • [Enter a short description of your involvement with the community and a link to a personal page]

Next Week’s Agenda:

  • [Enter your topic here]:
    • [Enter your brief description here] By [Enter your name here]

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