Council Meeting Minutes 2009-06-26

Here are the minutes from the last Foresight Council meeting.


  • Announcements
  • Proposed members/developers
  • Proposed Topics
    1. Membership renewals
    2. Toolchain update
    3. FITS and workflow
    4. Tasks and roles
    5. Reschedule Council meetings
    6. Set up ISO mirrors
    7. Empathy vs Pidgin
    8. Infrastructure overview
  • Next weeks agenda


  • (Og Maciel) pscott has fixed the web frontend for our Mercurial repositories which can now be accessed via hg.foresightlinux.org as well as the secondary www.foresightlinux.org/hg address.
    – pscott noted that he is keeping an eye out for 404 errors in the logs.
  • (Og Maciel) Hostmasks for all approved developers and members have been created.
  • (Og Maciel) The new website based on Word Press is now published! I stumbled on a few permission issues initially due to the fact that (apparently) pages created by an admin cannot be edited by anyone else. I ended up creating an editor role account for me and assigned all but one existing pages to this user. I have created editor and admin accounts for the following users:
    • Admins: OgMaciel, doniphon, pcutler and pscott
    • Editors: afranke, ermo and TForsman

    Everyone is encouraged to lend a hand with getting the new site vetted

  • (Og Maciel) Minutes for last week’s Council meeting were published to the new web site as a blog post instead of placed in the wiki. This is the first time we do it this way and I’d be very interested in what people thing. I feel that people can send their comments or any corrections as a comment and we can edit. Also, as only people with accounts in the web site can edit posts, it will help us mantain the validity of official announcements.
  • (Og Maciel) The process of getting the new web site up and running involved the migration (as in conary migrate) of the existing server to the Lamp Appliance repository, all blessed by doniphon who was around to advise me.
    – Og Maciel had to setup MySQL with a password for the root user, which he will make available to the council later.

Proposed Topics:

  1. Membership renewals (TForsman)
    • TForsman renewed as developer by quorum. (pcutler, doniphon, OgMaciel)
    • (OgMaciel) Don’t we need a paragraph on renewal on either of:




    • Links from website to wiki on membership needs to be checked
    • The onus is on the Council to send out membership expiration notices
    • Any (well behaved :) member/developer who re-applies on their own is automatically accepted?
  2. Toolchain progress (doniphon)
    • doniphon was happy to report that the latest toolchain build completed with no errors.
    • Testing of the new toolchain still remains.
    • Discuss toolchain and in particular the issue of how to build the x86 flavour (sse vs. sse2 re. Athlon XP) on list – see FL-1437
  3. FITS and workflow
    • Ongoing, draft by doniphon sent to pscott
    • Recommend that a draft be circulated on the -devel list for transparency?
  4. Tasks and roles
    • Not started yet. The Council will get this going.
    • pscott and doniphon suggested that this meshes with FITS and workflow
  5. Reschedule meetings (MarkT)
    • MarkT cannot attend Council meetings on Fridays, which is inconvenient considering that he is a member of the Council
    • The Council will work on finding a more suitable time for the meeting
    • Next meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 14th
  6. Set up ISO mirrors (Ken)
    • The monkey was thrown around and no resolution was made
    • This needs to be done, preferrably yesterday. Any takers?
  7. Empathy vs. Pidgin (Ken)
    • Ken will announce it on -devel when he’s got Empathy ready for testing
  8. Infrastructure documentation (ermo, IT-83)

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