Council Meeting Minutes 2009-07-28

Here are the minutes from the last Foresight Council meeting.


  • Announcements
  • Proposed members/developers
  • Proposed Topics
    1. The future of Foresight
    2. Team Leads
    3. Hardware for testing
    4. Packaging contest
    5. Infrastructure updates
  • Next weeks agenda


  • Web site updated to WordPress 2.8.2 (thanks for the push afranke)
  • Release notes for the latest versions of all editions have been posted to the blog and links to them have been added on the corresponding pages (by afranke)

Proposed members/developers:

  • Int as developer. Accepted unanimously. Congratulations int!

Proposed Topics:

  1. The future of Foresight
    • Much of this topic was merely a recap of a longer discussion Og Maciel and doniphon had during the week.
    • Create a new roadmap which emphasizes (down)scaling the platform and keep packages we can support on our own.
    • Create and document procedures for developers and contributors (where? Wiki?)
      • Get people committed/involved into working on areas that currently only Antonio is doing (redundancy)
      • How much time/effort can one realistically dedicate to this, daily. if we donate 1hr daily, with proper management we can get this _right_. point is there is no viable alternative to the model we propose. :)
    • Long term focus: End goal is creating a rolling release distro that focuses on being user and developer friendly! (Update project vision/goal statement?!)
    • Short term focus for FL:3 (next 3 months):
      • Revised/scalable tree (with new toolchain)
      • ALL packages in a known state
      • Get metadata/pkgKit right
      • Commits/repo actions must go through jira (procedure is not documented yet)
      • Only two types of bugs:
        a) either specific to the tools we use
        b) upstream ones.
    • Short term focus for FL:2
      • See (current) fl:2-devel as engineering. fl:2-qa and moves to fl:2 are the QA domain of business
      • Basically we need ppl with ati/nv/intel video cards to test updates. People with spare boxes to test install media in bare metal, with kvm setups, and to test migrations from older groups. + we need people to ack that bugs we claim fixed are really fixed
      • Get a viable QA team with well-defined processes to speed up moving from 2-devel -> 2-qa -> fl:2
      • (tforsman and doniphon) Update our graphviz package, which can be used to create state diagrams of workflows (see example workflow at
    • Questions/comments from the floor:
      • jesse: how can we define ‘things we can support’?
        doniphon: if our users need/use those tools we need to find a way to engage them and keep them working/useful!
      • tforsman: will there be a problem to change fl:2 to fl:3 ?  like fl:1 to fl:2 was?
        doniphon: no, not that big. we learned a few tricks. I think it’s pretty safe to say that we don’t want to have problems with back compatibility.
      • Mark__T: we need to roughly define what QA looks like
        OgMaciel: I have ideas for that Mark__T (Og does QA for rPath)
      • Who can promote?: Ken, doniphon and mkj (who is also a foresight dev)
  2. Team Leads
    • OgMaciel will go into bed with Xorg (for testing)
    • We need a Java guy. Any takers?
    • We need a mono guy
      – ermo will establish contact to dnielsen wrt. mono
    • Mark__T will take a stab at anaconda
    • Doniphon would like to see someone adopt the Jiranemo JIRA python adapter (he’s got plans for it)
    • We need a security officer to handle CVEs
      – doniphon will get in touch with smithj
    • Someone needs to step up and cheerleader the forums
  3. Hardware for testing
    • OgMaciel will try to get a box for testing
    • Doniphon will draw up a checklist for hardware testing
  4. Packaging Contest
    • OgMaciel will ping Ken on an e-mail Ken said he sent to PCutler, which pcutler cannot find.
    • We need to get this thing closed!
  5. Infrastructure updates
    • Afranke updated release notes
    • He proposed that we ‘collapse’ and streamline the sections with ‘how to get (in touch|help|involved)’ in both release notes and on the website.
    • He proposed that in general, we lighten up the text on the website as much as possible (ermo will help with this).
    • OgMaciel requested that we create tickets in JIRA w/ short summary and add him as listener for relevant changes (see [IT-85])
    • OgMaciel requested that we keep website discussions in -qa, per [IT-69]
  6. Deferred topics:

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  • August 5, 2009 at 7:49 pm |

    Good job!

    (And please make links as links :)

  • August 6, 2009 at 3:52 am |

    @zhangsen: links are now links :)

  • ermo
    August 6, 2009 at 4:36 am |

    @afranke: Thanks for the backup :D

  • August 6, 2009 at 8:01 am |

    Topics for the next meeting define “the team leaders” :)

    soooo as usual im help with PackageKit and Metadata …

  • September 19, 2010 at 10:15 am |

    I think that GeForce is one of the best graphics device…

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