Focus Meeting Minutes 2009-08-07

Here are the minutes from the last Foresight Council meeting.


  • Announcements
  • Proposed members/developers
  • Proposed Topics
    1. Work on the WP website
    2. Roadmap for short term (2.1.2 and 2.2)
    3. Wide repo cleanup
    4. Scheduling sprints
    5. Status for DEV space on the wiki
    6. Foresight artwork licenses
    7. Membership renewal?
  • Next weeks agenda


  • Og Maciel has updated WP to 2.8.3 (latest version)

Proposed members/developers:

  • afranke was accepted as member. Congratulations to afranke!
  • Jyr was accepted as member. Congratulations to Jyr!

Proposed Topics:

  1. website:
    • Doniphon suggested that we adapt the ‘epic texts’ on the website to reality.
    • Afranke and ermo are in the process of cleaning up and streamlining the website.
    • Doniphon also asked if we could help condense his vision for Foresight into a few paragraphs on the website.
  2. Roadmap for short term (2.1.2 and 2.2):
    • Short term, we focus on 2.1.2, which is going to be the final release w/GNOME 2.26.
    • Mark__T will likely release a xfce respin once 2.1.2 is released.
    • Apart from doniphon evolving his vision of FL:3 on the -devel ML, we will stop talking about FL:3 in favour of 2.1.2 and 2.2.x. 2.2 will likely be an interim release w/GNOME 2.28.
    • The aim is to incorporate some of the ideas for FL:3 in 2.2.x; as doniphon put it, he’s a reformist – not a revolutionnaire.
  3. Wide repo cleanup:
    • Mark__T wanted clarification on what ‘wide repo cleanups’ mean and doniphon explained that he was primarily referring to user facing apps – both the ones we ship per default and the alternatives (tforsman has been extremely prolific on the packaging front).
    • Doniphon is currently basically the only one who touches base OS packages, so they are in fairly good shape.
    • The cleanup involves:
      – Removing dead packages (packages with no maintainer-ship and no upstream)
      – Fix packages that currently do not work (or remove them)
      – Finish incomplete packages
      – This would be a golden opportunity for a sprint w/coaching of new devs
    • How do we organize the cleanup?
      • Jesse mentioned that currently, we’re just picking up random bits, which doesn’t feel too productive to him.
      • It would be nice to have a target to aim for (i.e. a sprint)
      • How about creating a list/table of user facing packages on the wiki, where we mark their status (working/needs love) and default/optional and link the list to issues in JIRA?
      • Could we automagically mine the package database for recipes that have not been touched in a while and list them? (Mark__T had some ideas for this)
      • Perhaps we could even give packages some meta-data in preparation for FL:3 as part of this data mining? (also Mark__T)
      • Do we need to add more repos (i.e. for games)? (tforsman)
      • Would it be good to have each package have an owner? So that someone feels responsible for each package? We already have the packager field in JIRA …(Mark__T)
      • Doniphon pointed out that ‘packager’ will be handled via meta-data in the furture
  4. Sprints for 2.1.2
    • Reiterate that afranke and ermo are doing a website sprint to clean it up for the coming release (afranke has cleaned up 2.1.1 release notes – see IT-85)
    • The first sprint for 2.1.2 is to create a wiki page in the DEV workspace and populate by hand a table (or several tables) containing the (user facing) packages that constitue FL 2.1.2
    • There should be a maintainer field (you are all encouraged to step up :))
    • It should be noted whether the package is to be in the default (gnome/xfce/kde/etc.) install/spin
    • It should contain a status field, with a link to JIRA if the status is not ‘working’ (define the other field values as appropriate by consensus between developers)
    • Create scripts w/short usage info to mine information about packages (Mark__T, doniphon for starters)
    • We encourage everyone to reach out to semi-active developers and let them know that we have a well defined sprint where we ‘get things done’ and that they get a chance to get up to speed and help make 2.1.2 a great release and that their input will be invaluable in improving foresight going forward.
  5. Status for the DEV space on the wiki:
    • Most people rated the current DEV wiki landing page around or below 5 (10 = perfect, 1 = awful)
    • It’s not up to date
    • We need to massage doniphon’s vision and philosophy from the -devel ML into easy to digest sentences stating the overarching developer goals
    • We need to update the ‘Grab a Task’ page (and make it a priority)
    • ‘random’ and ‘no clear pattern’ are our enemies
    • Jesse indirectly suggested that we try to create/update rough guidelines for the art and discipline of packaging
  6. Foresight Artwork (Mark__T from last meeting):
    • Who does/knows the artwork for Foresight?
    • What licenses are used?
    • Wouldn’t it be a good idea to relicense stuff under a wikipedia friendly license?
  7. Renewing memberships (deferred to next meeting):
    • Are all the people on the Request Membership page up to date?
    • Shouldn’t some of them renew their developer membership?

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