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Foresight Linux Newsletter – Issue 02 2011

April 22nd, 2011 - Categories: Newsletter -

Editor’s Note

Foresight Linux – SE got a facelift, alot easier to find information for our swedish users. Thanks for all feedback.

Last newsletter was mostly to get information about developmet information. This newsletter is little more about system model and updated packages.


System Model

A new update mechanism called “system model” is added. In this model, a file called /etc/conary/system-model describes what should be installed on the system. This file is modified by certain conary update commands, and can also be edited with a text editor. The system model allows a system to be updated relative to a search path that includes groups as well as labels, leading to more coherent sets of updated packages. It also allows re-starting updates with transient failures; the filename /etc/conary/ is reserved for storing the system target state during an update operation.

The system model mode is intended to become the normal update mode  for Conary-based  systems  in  the  future.   It works by creating a set oftroves that define the system, and then moving the system to that defi‐nition.   It is conceptually similar to building a group into a reposi‐tory  and  then  migrating  to  that  group.   Significant  differencesinclude:
-      In  a  group, all trove references are absolute, but in a model,you can choose whether references are absolute.  Migrating to  aspecific  version  of a group will always move the system to theexact set of packages referenced, but re-applying a system modelwill  update  troves that are not pinned down to a specific ver‐sion.
-      There is no group name for the set of troves.
-      There is no version for the set of troves.  (The version  opera‐tion in a system model does not provide conary versioning.)
-      Path  and  version conflicts are not checked when assembling theset of troves.  (No group policy is run  at  all.)   This  meansthat  path  and  version  conflicts  will  be  found  only whileinstalling the packages.

A system model that installs only a single group will functionsimilar to migrate mode.  The most obvious difference is  that  migratemode  honors  variations  in  byDefault settings in the system database(that is, an optional component of the trove(s) migrated  to  that  hasbeen  installed on the system will still be installed after the migrateoperation finishes), whereas a system model update honors those changesonly if they are represented in the model itself.

Next Foresight Linux iso will have system model enabled as default.
If you want to run it today in Foresight, open Terminal and write this command:

sudo /usr/share/conary/genmodel


PackageKit is soon available as default in Foresight again. read more at: Og Maciel blog

To install it today, open terminal and write: sudo conary update PackageKit gnome-packagekit

GTK3 is now in Foresight Linux, first step against FL3 and Gnome 3.

Upcoming versions

Next release versions will be 2.5.1, 2.6 and 3.0

Updated Packages

Picked out a few random packages that been updated during April month.

Audacious – 2.5.0
Banshee – 2.0.0
Chromium – 10.0.648.205
Emesene – 2.0 (built from git)
Firefox – 4.0
Flash-Player –
Hotot – 21-04-2011
Kupfer – v206
Nvidia - 270.41.06
Skype –
Transmission – 2.30b3
VLC – 1.1.9
Warsow – 0.61
Wine – 1.1.8


Og Maciel wrote about few applications for Foresight Linux that’s worth looking at.
Fayek wrote also a blog post about few applications that’s worth looking into.
TForsman wrote about SparkleShare.

Worldwide Foresight

Latest review for Foresight Linux:


Council Meetings

Last meeting: Concil meeting agenda 20-04-2011

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  1. Excellent, Tomas!

    I’m downloading the 64 bit Xfce edition again right now. I’ve been having some issues with one of my hard drives (the one with my tester operating systems on it). I haven’t had much success installing Debian or Foresight on that drive. Strange, though… Win XP and CentOS work perfectly fine.

    If I can get the issue worked out and get Foresight up and running, I’ll be posting a review of this excellent distribution at my Nocturnal Slacker v1.0 site.



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