Foresight 2.1.1 GNOME Edition Release Notes

Foresight GNOME Edition is a Linux distribution for your desktop that features a rolling release schedule that always keeps your desktop up to date; a revolutionary package manager, Conary; the latest GNOME desktop environment and an innovative set of excellent, up to date software applications. We hope you enjoy using Foresight as much as we do. Because your desktop should be cool.

What’s new

Foresight 2.1.1, released May 6th, features the latest stable GNOME desktop, a new kernel, new notification area, and Xorg improvements.

GNOME 2.26

Foresight features the latest GNOME release, GNOME 2.26. GNOME 2.26 features improvements to file sharing, better support for multiple monitors and projectors, integration with fingerprint readers and many more updates. For more information, visit

Kernel 2.6.29

Foresight includes a new Linux kernel,, which adds support for WiMAX, new wireless drivers such as Ralink rt2860/70, and other updates. For more information, check out

Notification Area

Foresight becomes one of the first distributions to include a revamped notification area, called notify-osd. Notifications are not only improved visually, but notify-osd improves the way you interact with system notifications. A number of applications including Pidgin, Gwibber, Banshee and others support the new notification system.

Xorg Improvements

A revamped Xorg 7.4 stack is included in Foresight 2.1.1. Users should find better support for video cards, monitors and Compiz. A special thanks to Antonio (aka doniphon) for all of his hard work in re-building Xorg.

Downloading and Installing

Foresight 2.1.1 GNOME Edition is available for download on one DVD at A single CD, Foresight GNOME Lite, is available for download at


Thanks to Ken VanDine, Antonio Meireles and all the developers and users who contributed to and helped test this release. A special thank you to the GNOME release team for the GNOME release notes, upon much of these release notes are based. Please file any bugs you find!

Thank you for using Foresight. Because your desktop should be cool.


On the day of release users were heard to include comments in Foresight’s IRC, including:

  • “This release rocks my socks!”
  • “I love the new notifications!”

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