Foresight documentation includes a variety of reference and instruction with a convenient way for users to make contributions and updates.

Getting Started

The Foresight User Guide is included in each default installation of Foresight Linux. Read the guide on your Foresight desktop by clicking on System → Foresight User Guide.

Foresight Reference and Instruction

The Foresight Wiki is a collaborative documentation environment, allowing users to not only find information, but also to contribute and update content. The Foresight Wiki includes useful reference and instructional documentation, including:

General Documentation (including user-created “how-to” topics)
Frequently Asked Questions
Foresight Issue Tracking System (FITS) overview (including how to create a user account for FITS and the wiki)

Conary Reference and Instruction

Conary introduction for users of dpkg (as found in Ubuntu, Debian and others)
Conary introduction for users of RPM (as found in Red Hat, Fedora, SuSE and others)
Conary Quick Reference
Conary Concepts
Conary Packaging