Foresight GNOME Edition

Foresight GNOME Edition features the GNOME desktop environment, created and maintained by The GNOME Project, as the interface for Foresight Linux. Thanks to dedicated teams within The GNOME Project, GNOME provides usability, accessibility, and freedom focused on creating software that is easy and enjoyable for everyone to use. Taking advantage of its rolling releases, Foresight can promptly release an updated GNOME edition each time GNOME has a new release, making Foresight the top choice when demonstrating the latest GNOME.

It is always a good idea to check the integrity of what you download before burning it to a disc. For information on how to check, check our Twitter post. Our Twitter followers are as real as it gets verification and we do not buy fake Twitter followers. Nor are they free Twitter followers either. If you only plan to download one disc then you can click on the sha1sum below and get a file for that specific download.

If you choose to download the CD iso images then know that both discs are needed for installation. Also note that the CD images do not benefit from the tar based installer. Only the DVD images have the tar based installer which can do a complete install in as little as 10 minutes.

Foresight 2.1.0 includes number of other updates from 2.0.6. You can read the release notes here.


2.1.0 x86 (32-bit) DVDDVDce42c786a4aadfdb5940c01f0494d8708330e5f1
2.1.0 x86_64 (64-bit) DVDDVDb2361ca80fb498ef554d38d83901427c3494cd5a
2.1.0 Development x86 (32-bit) DVDDVD472a920e65e973a0e54cd61b5e0a2f137a1f38c6