Foresight Linux Newsletter – Issue 03 2011

Editor’s Note

The new Foresight Newsletter header is created by mmesantos1 from the webpage: Thanks again.

LinuxUser magazine from germany shipped Foresight Linux DVD last month. Can also read their newspaper online from this link (pdf file, written in germany).

Jesse been working on a bot for irc. To be able to show issues easily. Read more here.

XFCE 4.8 is available with all bug fix releases of individual components.


Open Office is now replaced by Libre Office, current version Firefox and thunderbird 5 are in. New indicator stack are in.

Some other popoular applications that are in:

Chromium 12.0.742.121
Wine 1.3.24
Xnoise 0.1.26
mpd 0.16.3
Nvidia 280.04 (beta, to get rid of huge bug in stable)




Foresight review: + Rollback fun (spanish language)


Foresight XFCE screenshots:


Council Meetings

Info about council meetings

Community News

A number of new members have officially joined the Foresight community due to their outstanding contributions to Foresight.
For more information on becoming a Foresight member, see this page on the Foresight Wiki.

Join the Foresight Community

Foresight users and developers are active on a number of different social networking sites.

  • Share your musical tastes and favorite artists with other Foresight users in the Foresight group on Banshee, Foresight’s default music manager, has built in support for
  • Follow a few Foresight developers every waking moment via Twitter or via
  • Share pictures of your Foresight Linux desktop at the Foresight Linux Flickr group.
  • Join the Foresight Linux group on Facebook.
  • Add Planet Foresight Linux to your bookmarks or favorite feed reader, such as Liferea, to read blog updates from Foresight Developers.
  • Join us at internet relay chat (irc). The Foresight Linux channels are hosted by the Freenode IRC network. #foresight

Contribute to the Foresight Linux Newsletter

Have a package or piece of software you want to share in the newsletter? Send it in! We are always looking for more writers or contributors, and building the newsletter is a collaborative process using the Foresight Linux Newsletter wiki. We are also looking for volunteers to interview people in the Foresight and GNOME communities, links to news articles on the web or in print regarding Foresight Linux, and all the other content that makes up the newsletter.

Have thoughts or comments on the newsletter? Email [email protected] and your letter may be published in the next issue!


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Tomas Forsman

32 years old, living in Sweden. Foresight developer, mainly updates/adds applications for Foresight Linux repo.

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