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Foresight Linux Newsletter, Issue 1 (29/9-2009)

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Editor’s Note

Fresh start of Foresight Linux newsletter. It’s time to let the users what’s going on and what’s coming in the near future. Our newsletters were scarce in the past few months but we’re working on it and this will be improved with more regular updates from now on. We hope our users will find our newsletter useful and give a hint on what’s happening inside Foresight.

// Tomas Forsman


Gnome 2.28 is currently inside development repository. Still some minor issues, but relative stable. We can’t promise when it will be in stable repo, but we hope within a week or two.

New applications have been added, such as: Unetbootin, Moovida Media Center, nfoview, Taskcoash and more. Some are still under testing, but will soon be available.


Boots (Fedora Remix), has now a own space in Foresight Wiki.


We interviewed Andrew Ziem, Developer and creator of BleachBit application. Whole interview here

You can install it easily with packagekit or though Terminal with this command: sudo conary update bleachbit

Community News

A number of new members have officially joined the Foresight community due to their outstanding contributions to Foresight.
For more information on becoming a Foresight member, see this page on the Foresight Wiki.

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Contribute to the Foresight Linux Newsletter

Have a package or piece of software you want to share in the newsletter? Send it in! We are always looking for more writers or contributors, and building the newsletter is a collaborative process using the Foresight Linux Newsletter wiki. We are also looking for volunteers to interview people in the Foresight and GNOME communities, links to news articles on the web or in print regarding Foresight Linux, and all the other content that makes up the newsletter.

Have thoughts or comments on the newsletter? Email [email protected] and your letter may be published in the next issue!


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