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Kupfer – Alternative for gnome-do

July 5th, 2009 - Categories: Developing, Package Review - Tags: , ,

A simple, flexible, application launcher for Gnome. Kupfer is a summoner/launcher in the style of Quıcĸsılⅴεʀ; you do not use it to search your files, you use it to summon the object you are thinking about.

Kupfer can right now summon Applications, Recent Files and Places, your chosen folders and their contents, Bookmarks, Windows and Gnu Screen sessions.

The ‘kupfer’ command launches kupfer, or spawns it if it is already running.


Just push enter, if you want to launch the application you see.

Remember, its very fresh application. So it may not work as you expect, but it’s worth a try.

To install it, open Terminal and write:

sudo conary update [email protected]:2-devel

Maybe, just maybe, you need to install a dependency. But I’m a bit unsure about it.

3 Responses to “Kupfer – Alternative for gnome-do”

  1. Michael says:

    Is this just an attempt to reimpliment a mono program into a less controversial language (ala GNote), or is there some other purpose for this project I am not seeing?

  2. TForsman says:

    Not really, it’s just that Kupfer actually handles some stuff alot better than gnome-do. Specially summon files in computer.

    You need to try out gnome-do and kupfer to get a feeling how they separate each other.

  3. ulrik says:

    Michael: If you want to talk purpose, why don’t you send an email to the author? Sometimes free software is just about doing what ever you want; that you may copy that is just a bonus for you that you should be happy for. Gnome-Do and kupfer are united by their similarities, for example support of Free software without compromise (By using the GPLv3 license)

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