Foresight – Based on Centos 7

Foresight Linux will be based on Centos 7. We will have a stable core and maintained for years.We will have whole centos main repository available and whole epel 7. We will have own repository for additional packages and packages that we need to tweak, for fitting into foresight and make it unique.

There is already a way to install it and use conary as package manager. read more at:

Remember, this is a early beta stage. 

We already have whole main repository from centos and fully updated. We also have epel repository, but not built with deep closed checks. That means if you install filezilla or similar, you might need to add missing packages on your own. Or it will tell you that you are missing libraries, that filezilla needs. No huge issue at the moment, it will be fixed in near future.

We will write more about foresight, when we are starting to get somewhere. If you need any help, easiest to get help is from irc or mailinglist.


How to install Foresight 3

We have written down how you can install Foresight 3 and get cinnamon or openbox as desktop. (more desktop env will come)

Read all about it here:

About the issue: exceptions.ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

That error is probably gone, but has the information there, just in case.

We know that conary updateall or conary update *** doesn’t work for the moment, because the groups are out of sync. But will be fixed later.

Leave a comment if you wonder anything.

Note: The old wiki is located here:

The new wiki will live here:


Remember, these wiki’s are unofficial ones. But worth mention.


Forum is unavailable – We are working on it

We know that forum is down at the moment, we are working to get it up and running again.

In meantime use ircmailinglist or unofficial forum to ask questions or to get in touch with us.

For common questions, use this mailinglist:


Removed packages from official repository

abgx360, abgx360-gui, desmume and zsnes has been removed from official repository.
To install it, you need to install them from foresighters repo.

Read more at:



Forum is down, we are working on it

We know that forum is down at the moment, we are working to get it up and running again.

In meantime use irc, mailinglist or unofficial forum to ask questions or to get in touch with us.


Announcing Foresight Linux 2.5.3

Foresight is a Linux distribution for your desktop that features a rolling release schedule that always keeps your desktop up to date; a revolutionary package manager, Conary; the latest GNOME2, Lxde and Xfce desktop environment and an innovative set of excellent, up to date software applications.

We have new set of iso for GNOME2, Lxde and Xfce.

We hope you enjoy using Foresight as much as we do. Because your distro should be cool!

Foresight is currently dependent on rBuilder to build anaconda images. Because Foresight is a rolling release with regular updates, updating install images was perhaps lower priority, but also, rBuilder quit working for building Foresight images quite some time ago, which really got in the way of posting new images.


Note: these images still use an older version of anaconda and an older kernel, so some new hardware is still not supported. Also, ext4 is not supported in these images.  Sorry. New kernel will be installed after installation and running updateall.  For the moment, the version available in stable repository is 3.4.38

The brave ones can follow this guide to get ext4 support from start:


Foresight Linux 2.5.3 Release Notes

  1. What’s new
    1. First release of Lxde with conary.
    2. Xfce 4.10
    3. Gnome2 with updated applications
  2. Conary
  3. Downloading and Installing
  4. Filing Issues and Bugs
  5. Getting Help
  6. Contribute to Foresight Linux
  7. More information
  8. Credits

What’s new

Foresight Linux 2.5.3 , released March 31th, features the latest stable packages. This release is for new users as well as for returning users and early adopters! Existing users of our previous release has the latest already from updateall!

GNOME, Lxde and Xfce

Foresight features the latest stable versions of GNOME2, Lxde and Xfce!

  • GNOME is a popular, multi-platform desktop environment for your computer. GNOME’s focus is ease of use, stability and first-class internationalisation and accessibility support. Running with latest firefox, pidgin, skype and alot more.  Foresight still uses GNOME2.
  • Lxde The “Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment” is an extremely fast-performing and energy-saving desktop environment,  and a platform to easily build new applications upon. Using applications from GNOME to make it work in all kinds of different ways. Using notify-osd, chromium and thunderbird as default applications.
  • Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems. It aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually appealing and user friendly. We have Xfce version 4.10, all Xfce applications are up to date.

Kernel 3.4

Foresight also includes the polished and refined Long Term Support 3.4 Linux kernel. If new and shiny is more your thing, you will be pleased to learn that the newly Linux kernel 3.8 is currently undergoing shakedown tests by Foresight’s bravest and is slated to become available as a drop-in upgrade in the coming weeks for the adventurous kind!

Tons of new applications and improvements

Foresight brings to you a vast and cool selection of awesome applications to give you and your desktop that little something extra that will make your friends sit up and take notice! We’re proud to ship the very latest and greatest Chromium and Firefox web browsers, Pragha, Spotify, Wine, playonlinux, Pidgin, Gimp, Dropbox, and many more great applications for your delight!



Conary is a distributed software management system for Linux distributions. Conary tools can be used to package software for desktop distributions such as Foresight Linux, or for building software appliances and derivative distributions based on Conary.

Conary replaces existing software package management solutions with features developed to address some of the common problems in package management. Conary features software installed and maintained from networked repositories.

With dependencies defined at the file level, Conary’s built-in dependency resolution brings in only the components needed from other packages instead of entire packages. Conary users can install and maintain software as well as to roll a Conary-based system back to a previous state before one or more updates.

A new update mechanism called “system model” is added. In this model, a file called /etc/conary/system-model describes what should be installed on the system. This file is modified by certain conary update commands, and can also be edited with a text editor. The system model allows a system to be updated relative to a search path that includes groups as well as labels, leading to more coherent sets of updated packages. It also allows re-starting updates with transient failures; the filename /etc/conary/ is reserved for storing the system target state during an update operation.


Downloading and Installing

Downloads are available at our downloads page, where you’ll be able to choose from our GNOME, Lxde and Xfce images for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Filing Issues and Bugs

Please report any issues or bugs you encounter while using Foresight 2.5.3. Foresight’s issue tracker, JIRA, is available at

Getting Help

Help is available in many forms, and you can choose what you’re most comfortable with.

  • IRC: Visit the Foresight IRC channel, #foresight on Freenode, and ask questions. We have one of the most friendly IRC channels you’ll come across with everyone from users to developers reaching out to help answer questions.
  • Forums: Our forums continue to grow, and are a good source of information to check if a specific problem or question has come up before.
  • Wiki: Documentation on the wiki is growing on a daily basis, with updates often to the Frequently Asked Questions and other how-to’s to get you going with Foresight Linux.
  • Mailing Lists:

Contribute to Foresight Linux

Foresight Linux has a vibrant and friendly community, ready to assist any level of user. Participation is also welcome and encouraged! There are several different ways to engage with the Foresight community:

  1. You can find us in #foresight on Foresight users can click the X-Chat GNOME icon in Applications -> Internet menu to access IRC
  2. Contribute to the Foresight Wiki
  3. Package and maintain software. Visit the Developer Wiki at for more information

More Information

You can find more information about Foresight on our website at

The developer Tomas Forsman has a unofficial site with wiki.

If you’re new to using Foresight, please check out the Getting Started with Foresight User Guide. Click on System -> User Guide. The User Guide contains information on installing software, adding MP3 and DVD support, and an overview of commonly used applications.

Ask live questions in IRC on the Freenode network in the #foresight channel.


Thanks to the entire Foresight Linux Project crew all the developers and users who contributed to and helped test this release.

Thank you for using Foresight. Because your distro should be cool!


New Foresight ISO images available

We have released new iso images for Gnome, Lxde and Xfce. Both stable and development is available for download.

all iso files is available at:


Subscribe to Foresight mailing list

Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe or unsubscribe.


List Description
Foresight-commits Foresight Linux Commits
Foresight-devel Foresight Linux Development
Foresight-distro Foresight Linux Distro


Mailing list page is located here:


Developer repositories and build services – Unavailable

Developer repositories and build services are currently unavilable due to a network problem.

JIRA and Confluence services are also interrupted by the network problem.
User repository services are still available.

The Foresight Linux project is working to restore the developer services, JIRA, and Confluence, and appreciates your patience while services are being restored.


Developer service interruptions

Starting on or about Friday, November 30, Foresight Linux developers have planned a week-long upgrade of developer services and infrastructure, including new hardware and some software updates.

Software repositories for system updates are expected to remain available, but some developer services will be intermittently available.
The Foresight Issue Tracking System (JIRA) and the official wiki (Confluence) may be briefly unavailable.

The Foresight Linux forum is expected to remain available during this transition.